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Nightlife guru Danny A just opened his superexclusive Door club on W. 23rd St., but already he's got trouble. Spies tell us that Sunday at the former Suede space, a prominent restaurateur smashed a model in the mouth. "There was blood everywhere," says one insider, who places Scarlett Johansson at the club. Sources say Danny A put the alleged model-basher into a cab and delivered the woman, who lost several teeth, to a hospital, where she received stitches. Word is that the restaurateur, who didn't return a detailed message, is working on an out-of-court settlement with the woman …

Mom & beau held in tot's death


Kiana Rosado was all smiles in undated photo. She died yesterday after a neighbor heard screams and the girl stopped breathing while in her East New York apartment.

Jessica Rosado and Raemell Anthony were together at their daughter Kiana's second birthday party.

A horribly bruised Brooklyn girl fell unconscious and died yesterday morning, prompting cops to grill her mother and the mom's boyfriend.
Kiana Rosado, 3, stopped breathing in their East New York apartment about 9:30 a.m. and was pronounced dead later at Jamaica Hospital, authorities said.

"She's my heart. This is my baby," said the girl's biological father, Raemell Anthony, 24.

Celenia Morales, 45, said she heard screams from the neighboring fifth-floor apartment and went in to try to save the girl.

"She seemed to be gasping for air. Then she wasn't breathing. All I saw was the bruises on her face and her head," Morales said. "She didn't look like she was going to make it."

Morales called 911 and followed the dispatcher's instructions to see if Kiana had something stuck in her throat.

"I saw her neck. It was covered in bruises. It looked like she had had nails embedded in her," Morales said.

Morales said the girl's mother, Jessica Rosado, 19 - who told neighbors she is pregnant - stood stunned and the boyfriend, Ruben Pagan, watched quietly as she tried to save the child.

"When I asked where she got the bruises, she \[Rosado\] said, 'She does that to herself. She doesn't want to eat. She doesn't listen,' " Morales said.

Rosado and Pagan were being questioned at the 75th Precinct stationhouse.

Anthony said he hadn't seen his daughter since May 16 because Rosado kept him away. But he recalled that the girl was covered in bruises at that time.

"I asked what happened to you. She said, 'They hit me,' " he said. "I think somebody abused my daughter."

"I'm messed up," an enraged Anthony said outside the police station, where he had gone to seek information. "I've lost my middle daughter. I want answers."

Rosado and Pagan told rescuers that they had given the child a dose of Benadryl and that she had vomited and wet herself that morning. Rosado's sister Jacquelin said Pagan was possessive of his girlfriend.

"He didn't allow us to see her. We didn't get to go to her home," she said.

Police sources said there was bruising on the child, but it was unclear if that caused her death. The medical examiner will conduct an autopsy today.

A spokeswoman for the Administration for Children's Serv.ices would not say whether the agency had been involved with Kiana's family. But a source said the agency had prior contact with the mother, who gave birth when she was 16 and lived with her own mother. There was an unsubstantiated allegation that Rosado was not paying sufficient attention to Kiana, the source said.

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Originally published on June 28, 2006

Beating horror on Queens street

A Queens man bashed his wife's head in front of their terrified daughter last night, neighbors and cops said.
"My daddy killed my mommy!" the 9-year-old daughter of suspect Cheng Woo Yi wailed outside of the family's Hillcrest home, according to witnesses.

Cops are searching for Yi, 40, who allegedly attacked his wife in their garage about 8:30 p.m. with a steering wheel locking device. The victim, also 40, was expected to survive the attack and was recovering at New York Hospital Medical Center of Queens.

Yi allegedly dialed 911 and admitted what he'd done but then drove from the 71st Ave. home in a gray Toyota minivan wearing a green shirt and blue pants.

Neighbors said the beaten woman, Jung Shin Yi, collapsed in the driveway, her young daughter and mother following after her.

Neighbor Amparo Gomez and her 11-year-old grandson saw the family cowering over the injured woman.

"The daughter was crying. She said, 'My daddy killed my mommy!'" Gomez said.

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Originally published on June 27, 2006

Sunday, June 25, 2006

L.I. woman slays armed ex


A Long Island woman shot her armed ex-boyfriend to death when he barged into her bedroom early yesterday morning, police said.
Carol Lama, 50, of Evert St. in Huntington Station, told cops that she had kept a loaded shotgun beside her bed since breaking up with Robert Travers, who lived about 5 miles away.

Lama shot Travers, 50, once in the chest after she was awakened by him entering her room about 1:20 a.m. and saw a pistol in his waistband, she told police.

A handgun was recovered, cops said. "She tells us that previously he had entered her home when he had been told not to, so she kept the shotgun for protection against him," said Suffolk County Homicide Squad Detective Lt. Jack Fitzpatrick.

It was unclear how Travers gained access to the home.

No charges were filed, Fitzpatrick said. "We took statements, and they will be reviewed by the district attorney," he said.

Lama told police that Travers had physically abused her in the past. She said the two had not been romantically involved for years, but Travers had been stalking her.

When a reporter rang the bell at Lama's home yesterday afternoon, a man who responded simply said, "No," and closed the door.

Travers lived in a basement apartment on Carley Ave. in Huntington. His first-floor neighbors, Bob and Pat Campion, said he kept to himself, but was always very friendly toward them.

"We knew something was wrong about two months ago," Pat Campion said. "All of a sudden, early one morning, we heard a woman screaming. It sounded like Carol Lama, who said she was his girlfriend.

"She was at the side of the house, screaming, 'Robert, Robert, open up or I'm going to smash the window!' Her tone was frantic. In fact she did break the window, and the next thing we knew an ambulance took him away."

Lama told the couple later that Travers had suffered a seizure, Campion said, but Fitzpatrick said it had been a drug overdose and apparent suicide attempt.

Pat Campion said Travers was emaciated and had not paid rent in eight months, but was trying to get his life back together.

Police said Lama and Travers had known each other since they were 3 years old in Brooklyn.

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June 21, 2006 -- A prominent Queens prosecutor feared her ex-lover - a retired NYPD lieutenant - was "going to kill me" after the married man made two dozen "alarming, threatening" calls to her in one day, police records reveal.

"This is a life-and-death situation," former cop William Nevins allegedly said in a chilling call to Andrea Eckhardt. "Don't make me do anything that I would regret."

Nevins, 54, was busted Sunday by Nassau County cops for aggravated harassment, freed without bail Monday and ordered to stay away from Eckhardt, a trial attorney for the Queens DA's Office who currently is separated from her husband.

Eckhardt, 35, told police that she and the Oceanside, L.I., resident split up two weeks earlier after a five-year "personal relationship," records show.

But Nevins, who retired as commander of the NYPD's Queens Robbery Squad in 2001, apparently couldn't handle the split.

"Bill called me more than 20 times today and threatened to get me arrested or worse unless I go back to him," Eckhardt told cops. "He also said open-ended threats, and I'm afraid he's going to kill me."

Eckhardt, who saved 21 voice-mail messages Nevins left on her cellphone for cops, also said the father of triplets dropped by her Wantagh, L.I., home looking for her.

Nevins "asked [my roommate] rapidly where I was and who I was with," Eckhardt said.

"I'm not going to make any comment about pending litigation," Eckhardt told The Post yesterday.

Nevins' lawyer, Harry Kutner Jr., said, "There's nothing in the [police] papers that indicate that an actual threat was made. She just misconstrued it."



June 21, 2006 -- A week after being served with divorce papers, a New Jersey dad pumped a bullet into his wife's chest and then turned the gun on himself in the master bedroom of their spacious home, authorities said yesterday.

Joseph and Vincenza Importuna's two kids -identified by neighbors as John Marco, 4, and Anna Maria, 9 - were not home at the time of Monday's apparent murder-suicide in tony Manalapan.

Joseph, 38, who owned Gianmarco's Pizza & Restaurant in Jackson, dropped the children off at his brother Anthony's home in Englishtown at 4:45 p.m.

"He told his brother he wanted to have time to speak to his wife in private," said Monmouth County Prosecutor Luis Valentin.

Later that evening, after Anthony Importuna and his wife, Julia, couldn't reach the couple by phone, they drove to Manalapan. They found them dead at about 10:30 p.m., Valentin said.

Each had been shot once in the chest, and a 9mm handgun registered to Joseph Importuna was found in the bedroom, authorities said.

Valentin said that Vincenza Importuna, 32, a real-estate agent, had served her husband with divorce papers.

"At this time, this case is proceeding as an apparent murder-suicide based on our preliminary investigation," the prosecutor said. No note was found.

Vincenza Importuna's slaying shocked co-workers at the ERA Advantage office in Manalapan, where she was known as a devoted mom whose husband used to bring pizzas to the office.

"When you meet somebody and you know it was a blessing - that was her," said real-estate agent Jim Helms. "She adored her children. She used to brag about the restaurant.

"We were clueless that there were problems, whatsoever."

In her online sales-associate profile, Vincenza wrote that she had been a trade analyst on Wall Street and left to tend to her "fatally ill mother" and to be a full-time mom.

She and her husband moved to their cream-colored, two-story home with in-ground swimming pool last September.

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June 21, 2006 -- A deranged Brooklyn man charged with fatally stabbing his baby and wounding the 1-year-old's mother was set off by a belief his girlfriend was ending their relationship, cops said yesterday.

Dwayne Palmer, 32, went to Natasha Martin's Bedell Lane apartment in Canarsie looking to pick up their baby, Samara, at about 1 a.m. Monday, sources said.

After Martin told Palmer it was too late to take the tot out, they talked about rescheduling and then Palmer accused Martin of wanting to break up with him, the sources said.

He allegedly grabbed a knife and began stabbing Martin, then turned his fury on Samara as she slept.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Sigh of relief with ex's arrest

Machete victim, kids see end of nightmare


A year ago, her jealous ex-husband allegedly nearly hacked off her hands with a machete as four of her children watched in horror.
They lived in terror, fearing he would return.

Now they can rest more easily: On Thursday they learned that suspect Proboodat Joucoo, the "Machete Monster," was in jail in Pennsylvania.

"When I found out he was in jail, that he wouldn't just show up - we were free," Gaytri Collet said. "One of my kids said, 'Momma, I had a good sleep last night. We can do what we want now!'"

Collet's voice trembled as she recalled the butcherous May 21, 2005, attack.

"I want to see what the church is going to do for you," Joucoo said, taunting the religious woman after allegedly chopping her hands and leg before hurling the blade at her belly.

The Brooklyn mother of six miraculously survived but lived in fear Joucoo would return to her Bedford-Stuyvesant flat.

"My children would say, 'He didn't finish.' We were afraid he was going to come back for the first anniversary," Collet said with a shudder.

Joucoo's whereabouts were discovered after an inmate in the Lawrence County Correctional Center in New Castle, Pa., saw a segment about him on America's Most Wanted.

The tipster recognized Joucoo as inmate Ramesh Ramkellawan, a name Joucoo used when he was busted for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman he met at a church in New Castle. Joucoo is now expected to be charged in the Brooklyn crime.

The year has been a grueling one for Collet. She couldn't work because of her injuries, and her family had to move from their Sunset Park apartment into public housing.

A home health aide is at her side 10 hours a day, seven days a week, because she cannot use either hand.

Only a flap of skin kept her right hand attached to her arm. Pieces of the fingers on her left hand were lopped off, and her left leg was sliced to the groin.

But her biggest concern has been her children. And she has a message for Joucoo:

"He left me for dead," she said. "When he left, I am sure he thought he had killed me.

"I want him to know I lived - that we survived," Colett said. "He was brought down because he attacked another church lady. That's what he'll have to think about all his days."

Originally published on June 5, 2006

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May 28, 2006 -- A family visit turned deadly in the Inwood section of Manhattan last night, leaving one woman stabbed to death, police said.
Michelle Lang, 27, was stabbed in the torso by an unknown assailant at 213 Nagle Street where the woman was visiting her cousin Wanda who just had a child, according to cops.

Lang was pronounced dead when cops arrived on the scene soon after the 5 p.m. attack.

Sources say that they are looking for the woman's boyfriend as a possible suspect.

Tosses kids off balcony, then follows

MIAMI BEACH - A doctor killed his two young children yesterday by hurling them from the 15th floor of a landmark South Beach hotel and then jumped to his own death, police said.
Dr. Edward Van Dyk, 43, tossed his two sons, ages 4 and 8, to their deaths around 8:20 a.m., Miami Beach Police spokesman Bobby Hernandez said. Authorities did not release the names of the boys.

The mother of the children, Qinuo Van Dyk, 40, told cops she and her husband had been having marital problems for the past six months, but hadn't argued right before the incident, Hernandez said.

The woman heard one of her children screaming from an adjacent room in the Loews Hotel, where the Alton, Ill., family was staying. When she walked into the room, she saw her husband going off the balcony, Hernandez said.

She looked over the railing and saw her husband and her two children lying on a mezzanine roof about two floors above the ground.

Hernandez said that the family had been celebrating the couple's 10th wedding anniversary.

"It's unfortunate that [he] was so selfish and in an effort to get back at his wife, he took the two most loved people in the world away from her," Hernandez said.

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Originally published on May 28, 2006

Boy's wish: Bring slain mom home


A 6-year-old Brooklyn boy who found his mother's butchered body in their home last week had only one question when he went to her funeral: Could he take her home?
"That's what this poor child wants to do, bring her home in her coffin so she stays near him," said the heartbroken boy's grandmother, Diane Montemarano.

Young Michael Torres found his mother, Tricia Torres, 25, stabbed to death in her bedroom Tuesday morning. Police are hunting for Torres' on-and-off boyfriend, David Ramos, 32.

Torres' family is asking anyone with information about Ramos' whereabouts to come forward. "People might not necessarily care about any of the adults - my daughter included - but Michael is just a little boy, and he's lost his mom. She was his whole world," Montemarano said.

Tuesday started as an ordinary day for the chatty first-grader. He woke up in their apartment on E. 26th St. in Sheepshead Bay and made a beeline for the TV to watch cartoons. "He said at first he felt happy because he got to watch more cartoons than he's usually allowed," his grandmother said.

But when his mother didn't get up, the boy went up to her bedroom to check on her. "He told me he looked under the door and saw her on the floor. She was covered in blood. He tried to wake her up, but he couldn't," Montemarano said.

The boy searched his mother's body for her cell phone to call 911 - as she had taught him to do in an emergency. When he couldn't find the phone, he ran downstairs barefoot in his underwear. He knocked on several doors but no one answered, so he ran into the street.

"He was crying and screaming, 'Please help me! My Mommy's killed!'" Montemarano said. Two men working nearby took care of the hysterical child.

Torres' boyfriend is on the run. In the late 1990s Ramos was arrested on a drug charge as part of a vicious gang that was accused of rapes, killings and running chop shops. Ramos is 5-feet-9, 190 pounds, with a medium build. He wears a goatee and has scars on his left cheek. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS.

Originally published on May 28, 2006

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Beau hunted after mom knifed 100 times

Cops are searching for a Brooklyn man suspected in the slaying of his girlfriend, who was stabbed 100 times and found dead by her 6-year-old son.
David (Mousey) Ramos, 32, disappeared after Patricia Torres, was discovered brutally knifed to death in her E. 26th St., Sheepshead Bay home Tuesday. Torres's son woke up to watch television and found his mom lying dead in her bedroom, sources said.

The child patted down his mother's body for a cell phone to call for help but couldn't find one, then ran into the street screaming in his underwear, sources said.

Ramos, once served 18 months for domestic abuse in the 1990s in a case involving another girlfriend, sources said.

He and Torres, 25, had broken up only to reunite days before the killing.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

On 2nd visit, cops find body

On 2nd visit, cops find body

Police were called to a Brooklyn home twice in 12 hours, and the second time they found a woman stabbed to death on her bedroom floor, cops said yesterday.

The first call came about 11p.m. Monday from a neighbor reporting a loud argument at Patricia Torres' apartment at 2166 E. 26th St. in Sheepshead Bay.

About 11 a.m. yesterday, a neighbor spotted Torres' 6-year-old son outside crying hysterically. Police said the boy had found his mother dead. His inconsolable sobbing prompted the neighbor to call 911.

It wasn't clear late yesterday whether the boy saw the murder, a police source said.

No one had been arrested last night, but cops were looking to question the victim's live-in boyfriend.

Denise Romano and Robert F. Moore
Originally published on May 24, 2006

Gals gone whack-y

Many abuse males: survey


Women are as violent as their male companions - and sometimes more so, according to a controversial study presented yesterday at a domestic violence conference in Manhattan.

The survey of 13,600 college students came to the surprising conclusion that in the majority of abusive relationships, women are the perpetrators at least as often as they are the victims of violence.

About one-third of students in 32 countries said they assaulted their partner in a survey conducted by the Family Research Laboratory at the University of New Hampshire.

In 69% of cases, both men and women were violent. But women were the sole perpetrators in 21% of cases, compared with about 10% of relationships in which men were the only batterers.

Author Murray Straus, who presented the study at the Trends in Intimate Violence Intervention conference at NYU, said there was "overwhelming evidence that women assault their partners at about the same rate as men."

"The idea of chivalry is alive. Men genuinely believe 'never hit a woman' - up to a certain point. So when she gets angry at him and slaps him, kicks him, throws something, most men don't retaliate. But if she keeps on doing that, then it moves into the both doing it," Straus said.

"So many women have told me, 'I knew I wouldn't hurt him.' It's for some women a quintessentially feminine thing to do, to slap the cad," he said.

Stony Brook University Prof. Ruth Brandwein criticized Straus' findings.

"If you have two people in a relationship and the guy is 6-foot-2 and weighs 230 pounds and the woman is 5-foot-4 and weighs 130 pounds, just because they're both hitting each other doesn't mean it's equally violent. Her hitting him may be seen as a joke to him and his hitting her may terrorize her," Brandwein said.

Rates of intimate partner violence are higher among college-age students than in older couples, Straus said. Another survey of 1,200 university students found that 41% of women and 31% of men have been hit by their partner, said Katie Gentile, director of the women's center at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

But Gentile said men usually become violent as a way of controlling women, while women who are violent often become so to prevent the man from attacking first.

"I don't think [women] are getting more violent," she said. "I think women are admitting it more, probably. They might be fighting back more."

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